The first ten years of the classic British Police drama,
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 Episode 7: "The Family Way"

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PostSubject: Episode 7: "The Family Way"   Sun Apr 13, 2008 4:26 pm

Original Air Date: 12 October 1997

Charlie Fenton has just picked up his girlfriend, Lisa, from the train station, when they nearly run down a little boy Justin, who is saved at the last moment by his grandfather Alec Oxley. Oxley reports the incident to the police because he smells alcohol in Fenton's breath. When PC Rowan lets Fenton off with a warning, Oxley takes matters in his own hand Greengrass gets a very unwelcome visitor, his big brother Cyril. Cyril is on the lookout for a weekend cottage. But his wife Edith does not necessarily need to know. Claude is more interested in taking a ride in Cyril's Rolls Royce. Gina has got a new boyfriend, Steve, who is helping out at the pub. Nick is concerned about his future father-in-law, who seems to have lost his will to live after his wife's funeral.

Source: IMDB
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Episode 7: "The Family Way"
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