The first ten years of the classic British Police drama,
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 Episode 1: "Bad Apple"

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PostSubject: Episode 1: "Bad Apple"   Sun Apr 13, 2008 4:22 pm

Original Air Date: 31 August 1997

PC Bellamy surprises a burglar at the Kettley's Coaches bus company, and he and PC Rowan apprehends Keith Megson, an old friend of the police. Megson disposes of the loot before they catch him, and Megson's sleazy lawyer Sellars demands his immediate release. Megson is released on bail in the custody of the well-known pillar to society Claude Jeremiah Greengrass. There is a series of break-ins at older people's homes, and Megson claims the police are trying to pin them on him. Greengrass, who is fed up with the situation, cannot supply him with an alibi and decides never to let him out of sight. Not even when Megson visits his wealthy fiancée Marilyn. Gina is alone in the pub because her uncle has been taken ill. Nick and Jo are getting married and soon it is the worst kept secret in Aidensfield. As expected her mother is not too thrilled about the idea.

Source: IMDB
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Episode 1: "Bad Apple"
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