The first ten years of the classic British Police drama,
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 Episode 1: "Secrets"

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PostSubject: Episode 1: "Secrets"   Mon Apr 07, 2008 5:45 pm

Original Air Date: 18 April 1993

A flasher is spotted on Elsinby Moor and when Nick Rowan goes to investigate he is stopped by the flasher himself, Joe Duffy, a shoes salesman who has been held up at gun point and robbed of his van and clothes. Lord Ashfordly's arrogant son Rupert is home for a visit and Rowan thinks he may be the perpetrator. Anyway Master Rupert is using his position to make everybody else's life miserable. Especially Nick Rowan's when Rowan arrests him for drunk driving. But they have to drop the charges when Rowan fails to contact his wife in time. She is the only doctor in Aidensfield who can perform the required medical test now that Alex Ferrenby has retired. Young Ashfordly may also be the father of the child Julie Neagle is expecting. At least her father thinks so and confronts him.

Source: IMDB
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Episode 1: "Secrets"
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